MMR: An Interactive Massive Model Rendering System Using Geometric And Image-Based Acceleration Inproceedings

Daniel Aliaga, Jon Cohen, Andrew Wilson, Eric Baker, Hansong Zhang, Carl Erikson, Kenny Hoff, Tom Hudson, Wolfgang Stuerzlinger, Rui Bastos, Mary Whitton, Fred Brooks, Dinesh Manocha


We present a system for rendering very complex 3D models at interactive rates. We select a subset of the model as preferred viewpoints and partition the space into virtual cells. Each cell contains near geometry, rendered using levels of detailand visibility culling, and far geometry, rendered as a textured depth mesh. Our system automatically balances the screen-space errors resulting from geometric simplification with those from textured-depth-mesh distortion. We describe our prefetching and data management schemes, both crucial for models significantly larger than available system memory. We have successfully used our system to accelerate walkthroughs of a 13 million triangle model of a large coal-fired power plant and of a 1.7 million triangle architectural model. We demonstrate the walkthrough of a 1.3 GB power plant model with a 140 MB cache footprint.

Date of publication: Apr - 1999
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