Interactive Systems

Large Display Systems

V4-Space is the Vancouver Versatile Virtual Reality and Visual Analytics Wall & CAVE, built in 2016. It was funded through an NSERC Research Tools & Instruments grant, with W. Stuerzlinger as principal investigator. V4-Space consists of seven 85" high-end 4k displays in portrait mode, driven by a single Windows computer with two nVidia M5000's. The single contiguous 8m x 2m display shows 15k x 4k pixels at 60Hz, hardware-synchronized.

Immersive VR&AR Displays

In 2002 and together with others at the CVR at York, we created an immersive room, a six-sided CAVE, where every side (including the floor and the ceiling) displays computer generated imagery. Recent work in my group resulted in TIVS at SFU, a new temporary CAVE system that does not consume permanent floor space, while still taking less than 5 minutes to activate. The system cost is less than $10k, which makes this a very cheap, if not the cheapest CAVE installation.

We recently also created a novel multifocal stereo display system.