The Use of Pseudo Pressure in Authenticating Smartphone Users

The Use of Pseudo Pressure in Authenticating Smartphone Users Inproceedings

Ahmed Sabbir Arif, Mazalek Ali, Wolfgang Stuerzlinger


In this article, we present a new user authentication technique for touchscreen-based smartphone users that augments pseudo touch pressure as an extra security measure to the conventional digit-lock technique. The new technique enhances security by offering more unique password combinations than the most popular ones, by making each password specific to its owner, and by reducing the threat of smudge attacks. A study comparing the new technique with the digit-lock technique showed that overall it is slower and more error-prone, but performs substantially better in short term. Also, most users felt more secure using it and wanted to use it dominantly on their smartphones. A second study confirmed that it does enhance security by making it relatively more resistant to smudge attacks and less vulnerable to situations where attackers are already in possession of users' passwords.

Date of publication: Dec - 2014
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