Evaluation of a Smart-Restorable Backspace Technique to Facilitate Text Entry Error Correction Inproceedings

Ahmed Sabbir Arif, Sunjun Kim, Wolfgang Stuerzlinger, Geehyuk Lee, Ali Mazalek


We present a new smart-restorable backspace technique to facilitate correction of "overlooked" errors on touchscreen-based tablets. We conducted an empirical study to compare the new backspace technique with the conventional one. Results of the study revealed that the new technique improves the overall text entry performance, both in terms of speed and operations per character, by significantly reducing error correction efforts. In addition, results showed that most users preferred the new technique to the one they use on their tablets, and found it easy to learn and use. Most of them also felt that it improved their overall text entry performance, thus wanted to keep using it.

Date of publication: Apr - 2016
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