Predictive Model for Group Selection Performance on Touch Devices

Predictive Model for Group Selection Performance on Touch Devices Inproceedings

Per Bjerre, Allan Christensen, Andreas Køllund Pedersen, Simon André Pedersen, Wolfgang Stuerzlinger, Rasmus Stenholt


Users spend hours making selections with ineffective tools, we therefore examine selection methods for efficiency in various touch trials. In a preliminary study three alternative selection methods were identified, we compared these to a smart selection tool. The study showed that a single selection method was the fastest; however, when the amount of targets increased, a multiple selection tool became more efficient. A secondary study with more targets revealed similar results. We therefore examined the single selection method against traditional selection methods in a user study. The results reveal a model of the average action and time cost for all methods within the parameters of mental preparation and target addition. The study revealed that the most favored selection methods were a lasso and brush selection tool. The study provides evidence towards a predictive model of selection performance for multiple target selection trials.

Date of publication: Jul - 2017
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