VizInteract: Rapid Data Exploration through Multi-Touch Interaction with Multi-Dimensional Visualizations Inproceedings

Suptratim Chakraborty, Wolfgang Stuerzlinger


We present VizInteract, an interactive data visualization tool for touch-enabled displays. VizInteract supports efficient multi-touch data exploration through rapid construction of and interaction with multi-dimensional data visualizations. Creating and editing multi-dimensional data visualizations with current tools typically involves complex interactions. Building on primitive visualization idioms like histograms, VizInteract addresses the need for easy data exploration by affording the construction of multi-dimensional visualizations, such as scatter plots, parallel coordinate plots, and radar charts as well as scatter plot matrices, through simple multi-touch actions. Touch-based brushing-and-linking as well as attribute-based filter bubbles also support diving down into the data during analysis. We conducted two explorative studies to demonstrate the usability of VizInteract on a tablet and on a large touchscreen. We present the results of both studies and analyze the usage patterns that emerge while participants were conducting visual analytics data exploration tasks in both conditions.

Date of publication: Aug - 2021
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