Analysis of Merging Text Versions Using Differentiation Methods Misc

Darius Dadgari, Wolfgang Stuerzlinger


Comparing and selecting text from multiple versions of a document is a necessary task for a task-leader or group to undertake when users collaborate in writing a document, or when a single user generates different versions of a document to experiment with. Comparing multiple documents in an intuitive, efficient way allows a user to select the most appropriate portions of work from multiple sources quickly, to create a final document. Examination and even publications of text versioning methods are not documented in the literature, even though implementations of text versioning are abundant in a multitude of commercial and non-commercial software.
We propose new methods for text versioning, based on methods which have been previously shown to be effective for differentiating between objects. We plan to perform an extensive evaluation with these proposed methods to currently implemented ones in order to examine which methods are preferred by users and which show benefit in terms of error rate and completion time.

Date of publication: May - 2008
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