Interactive Surfaces for Interaction with Stereoscopic 3D: Tutorial and Workshop at ITS 2013 Proceedings

Florian Daiber, Bruno Rodrigues de Araujo, Frank Steinicke, Wolfgang Stuerzlinger


With the increasing distribution of multi-touch capable devices multi-touch interaction becomes more and more ubiquitous. Multi-touch interaction offers new ways to deal with 3D data allowing a high degree of freedom (DOF) without instrumenting the user. Due to the advances in 3D technologies, designing for 3D interaction is now more relevant than ever. With more powerful engines and high resolution screens also mobile devices can run advanced 3D graphics, 3D UIs are emerging beyond the game industry, and recently, first prototypes as well as commercial systems bringing (auto-) stereoscopic display on touch-sensitive surfaces have been proposed. With the Tutorial and Workshop on ``Interactive Surfaces for Interaction with Stereoscopic 3D (ISIS3D)'' we aim to provide an interactive forum that focuses on the challenges that appear when the flat digital world of surface computing meets the curved, physical, 3D space we live in.

Date of publication: Oct - 2013
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