Effects of Personality Type on Trust in Autocorrect and Preferences Misc

Johanna Kneifel, Dominic Spaeth, Wolfgang Stuerzlinger


User acceptance of a given feature depends upon its perceived trustworthiness. Despite imperfections, trust seems to be evenly split for autocorrect. In this study, we use the Big Five personality test and text entry tasks to investigate the effect of users’ personality type on their trust in autocorrect when encountering autocorrect errors. Results indicate that individuals ranking higher in neuroticism distrust autocorrect more. Our qualitative observations showed frustrated behaviors for autocorrect errors during the text entry tasks. Half of our participants reporting distrust in autocorrect still had the feature on. The results lend insights into connections between personality type and preferred text-based communication methods, which needs to be investigated further in future work.

Date of publication: Oct - 2022
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