Multiplanes: Assisted Freehand VR Drawing Misc

Mayra D. Barrera Machuca, Paul Asente, Jingwan Lu, Byungmoon Kim, Wolfgang Stuerzlinger


Multiplanes is a virtual reality (VR) drawing system that provides users with the flexibility of freehand drawing and the ability to draw perfect shapes. Through the combination of both beautified and 2D drawing, Multiplanes addresses challenges in creating 3D VR drawings. To achieve this, the system beautifies user's strokes based on the most probable, intended shapes while the user is drawing them. It also automatically generates snapping planes and beautification trigger points based on previous and current strokes and the current controller pose. Based on geometrical relationships to previous strokes, beautification trigger points act as guides inside the virtual environment. Users can hit these points to (explicitly) trigger a stroke beautification. In contrast to other systems, when using Multiplanes, users do not need to manually set or do any kind of special gesture to activate, such guides allowing the user to focus on the creative process.

Date of publication: Oct - 2017
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