Analyzing the Trade-off between Selection and Navigation in VR Misc

Morteza Malekmakan, Wolfgang Stuerzlinger, Bernhard Riecke


Navigation and selection are critical in very large virtual environments, such as a model of a whole city. In practice, many VR applications require both of these modalities to work together. We compare different combinations of two navigation and two selection methods in VR on selection tasks involving distant targets in a user study. The aim of our work is to discover the trade-off between navigation and selection techniques and to identify which combination leads to better interaction performance in large virtual environments. The results showed that users could complete the task faster with the fly/drive method and traveled less, compared to the teleportation method. Additionally, raycasting exhibited a better performance in terms of time and (less) distance traveled, however, it significantly increased the error rate for the selection of targets.

Date of publication: Nov - 2020
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