Just 5 Questions: Toward a Design Framework for Immersive Analytics Inbook

Kim Marriott, Jian Chen, Marcel Hlawatsch, Takayuki Itoh, Miguel A. Nacenta, Guido Reina, Wolfgang Stuerzlinger


We present an initial design framework for immersive analytics based on Brehmer and Munzner's "What-Why-How" data visualisation framework. We extend their framework to take into account Who are the people or teams of people who are going to use the system, and Where is the system to be used and what are the available devices and technology. In addition, the How component is extended to cater for collaboration, multisensory presentation, interaction with an underlying computational model, degree of fidelity and organisation of the workspace around the user. By doing so we provide a framework for understanding immersive analytics research and applications as well as clarifying how immersive analytics differs from traditional data visualisation and visual analytics.

Date of publication: Oct - 2018
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