Performance Analysis of Saccades for Primary and Confirmatory Target Selection Inproceedings

Aunnoy K Mutasim, Anil Ufuk Batmaz, Moaaz Hudhud Mughrabi, Wolfgang Stuerzlinger


In eye-gaze-based selection, dwell suffers from several issues, e.g., the Midas Touch problem. Here we investigate saccade-based selection techniques as an alternative to dwell. First, we designed a novel user interface (UI) for Actigaze and used it with (goal-crossing) saccades for confirming the selection of small targets (i.e., < 1.5-2°). We compared it with three other variants of Actigaze (with button press, dwell, and target reverse crossing) and two variants of target magnification (with button press and dwell). Magnification-dwell exhibited the most promising performance. Among Actigaze, goal-crossing was the fastest and achieved the highest throughput but suffered the most errors. We then evaluated goal-crossing as a primary selection technique for targets ≥ 2° and implemented a novel UI for such interaction. Results revealed that dwell achieved the best performance. Yet, we identified goal-crossing as a good compromise between dwell and button press. Our findings thus identify novel options for gaze-only interaction.

Date of publication: Nov - 2022
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