Pointing at Wiggle 3D Displays

Pointing at Wiggle 3D Displays Inproceedings

Michael Ortega, Wolfgang Stuerzlinger


This paper presents two new pointing techniques for wiggle 3D displays, which present the 2D projection of 3D content with automatic (rotatory) motion parallax. Standard pointing at targets in wiggle 3D displays is challenging as the content is constantly in motion. The two pointing techniques presented here take advantage of the cursor's current position or the user's gaze direction for collocating the wiggle rotation center and potential targets. We evaluate the performance of the pointing techniques with a novel methodology that integrates 3D distractors into the ISO-9241-9 standard task. The experimental results indicate that the new techniques are significantly more efficient than standard pointing techniques in wiggle 3D displays. Given that we observed no performance variation for different targets, our new techniques seem to negate any interaction performance penalties of wiggle 3D displays.

Date of publication: Mar - 2018
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