Interactive Rendering of Globally Illuminated Glossy Scenes

Interactive Rendering of Globally Illuminated Glossy Scenes Inproceedings

Wolfgang Stürzlinger, Rui Bastos


Global illumination simulates all transfers of light in a scene. The results of the simulation are then used to generate photo-realistic images. Scenes with diffuse surfaces only can be displayed in real-time using the results of radiosity methods. Images of scenes with more general surfaces are created with methods based on ray tracing but do not achieve interactive frame rates.This paper presents a new algorithm for the display of globally illuminated scenes at interactive speeds. A photon tracing phase computes an approximation to the global illumination. The rendering phase splats the contribution of each photon hit onto the corresponding surface taking reflectance properties and viewing direction into account. Results demonstrate that this method allows to render images of globally illuminated scenes with glossy surfaces at interactive frame rates.

Date of publication: Jun - 1997
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