Global Illumination with Glossy Surfaces

Global Illumination with Glossy Surfaces Article

Wolfgang Stürzlinger


Photorealistic rendering is used to generate views of computer stored scenes. Global illumination algorithms take all transfers of light in the scene into account thereby creating a realistic looking image. Previously several approaches have been presented which are able to deal with global illumination for diffuse surfaces. More general surfaces are handled only by few methods.
This work presents a new algorithm for the generation of photorealistic images for scenes with arbitrary surfaces. Initially particle tracing and a reconstruction phase are used to obtain a good approximation to the directionally dependent illumination in the scene. The illumination information is stored and can be used subsequently to generate images from different viewpoints directly from the stored solution. The whole system is structured into several independent phases and is designed to allow parallel processing and incremental refinement.

Date of publication: Feb - 1997
Footnote: Conference proceedings later republished as journal volume by publisher
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