Designing Efficient Immersive Analytics Environments for Spatio-Temporal Data Misc

Jorge Wagner Filho, Wolfgang Stuerzlinger, Luciana Nedel


The ever-growing amount of human movement data challenges us to develop new visualization techniques and to revisit existing ones with different perspectives. Traditional 2D movement visualizations focus either on the spatial or temporal aspects of the data, potentially hindering the observation of relevant features. Emerging Immersive Analytics approaches offer the opportunity to revisit a three-dimensional visualization that allows the integrated analysis of both. With the aid of stereoscopic virtual reality and 3D user interfaces, an immersive Space-Time Cube might overcome challenges that limited its adoption in the past. In this talk, we will present an overview of our ongoing research on this immersive representation, preliminary insights obtained with different navigation and interaction approaches, and our next planned steps.

Date of publication: Oct - 2020
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