GEM-NI+: Leveraging Difference Visualization and Multiple Displays for Supporting Multiple Complex Generative Design Alternatives Misc

Loutfouz Zaman, Christian Neugebauer, Wolfgang Stuerzlinger, Robert Woodbury


In the conceptual design phase, designers routinely generate dozens of alternatives based on a single idea. This is especially relevant in generative design where an algorithm can generate a large number of viable design options. While solutions for creating and managing a small number of simple alternatives have been proposed, practical applications of these solutions are liMassachusetts Institute of Technologyed. As a result, we present GEM-NI+, an extension to the original GEM-NI system for creating and managing alternatives in generative design. GEM-NI+ is designed to enable editing, managing and comparing up to 24 alternatives simultaneously using a multi-monitor setup. GEM-NI+ also features a new "jamming spaces" technique for assigning individual monitors into different visualization states, which makes organization of a large workspace easier. Finally, GEM-NI+ enables comparison of complex alternatives using recursive group node difference visualization.

Date of publication: Apr - 2018
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