Automatic Generation of User Interface Layouts for Alternative Screen Orientations Inproceedings

Clemens Zeidler, Gerald Weber, Wolfgang Stuerzlinger, Christof Lutteroth


Creating multiple layout alternatives for graphical user interfaces to accommodate different screen orientations for mobile devices is labor intensive. Here, we investigate how such layout alternatives can be generated automatically from an initial layout. Providing good layout alternatives can inspire developers in their design work and support them to create adaptive layouts. We performed an analysis of layout alternatives in existing apps and identified common real-world layout transformation patterns. Based on these patterns we developed a prototype that generates landscape and portrait layout alternatives for an initial layout. In general, there is a very large number of possibilities of how widgets can be rearranged. For this reason we developed a classification method to identify and evaluate "good" layout alternatives automatically. From this set of "good" layout alternatives, designers can choose suitable layouts for their applications. In a questionnaire study we verified that our method generates layout alternatives that appear well structured and are easy to use.

Date of publication: Sep - 2017
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