Computational Methodologies for Understanding, Automating, and Evaluating User Interfaces Misc

Yue Jiang, Yuwen Lu, Tiffany Knearem, Clara Kliman-Silver, Christof Lutteroth, Toby Jia-Jun Li, Jeffery Nichols, Wolfgang Stuerzlinger


Building on the success of the first two workshops on user interfaces (UIs) at CHI 2022 and CHI 2023, this workshop aims to advance the research field by further exploring current research trends, such as applying large language models and visual language models.
Previous work has explored computational approaches to understand and adapt UIs using constraint-based optimization models and machine learning-based data-driven approaches. In addition to further delving into these established UI research areas, we aim to trigger the exploration into the application of the latest advancements in general-purpose large language and vision-language models within the UI domain.
We will encourage participants to explore novel methods for understanding, automating, and evaluating UIs.
The proposed workshop seeks to bring together academic researchers and industry practitioners interested in computational approaches for UIs to discuss the needs and opportunities for future user interface algorithms, models, and applications.

Date of publication: May - 2024
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