Improved Automatic Speed Control for 3D Navigation Inproceedings

Domi Papoi, Wolfgang Stuerzlinger


As technology progresses, it is possible to increase the size and complexity of 3D virtual environments. Thus, we need deal with multiscale virtual environments today. Ideally, the user should be able to navigate such environments efficiently and robustly, which requires control of the user speed during navigation. Manual speed control across multiple scales of magnitude suffers from issues such as overshooting behaviors and introduces additional complexity. Most previously presented methods to automatically control the speed of navigation do not generalize well to environments with varying scales. We present an improved method to automatically control the speed of the user in 3D virtual environment navigation. The main benefit of our approach is that it automatically adapts the navigation speed in a manner that enables efficient navigation with maximum freedom, while still avoiding collisions. The results of a usability test show a significant reduction in completion time for a multi-scale navigation task.

Date of publication: Jun - 2019
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