IVY: The Immersive Visual Environment at York

IVY: The Immersive Visual Environment at York Inproceedings

Matt Robinson, Jeff R. Laurence, James Zacher, Andrew Hogue, Robert Allison, Laurence Harris, Michael Jenkin, Wolfgang Stuerzlinger


Given the limitations of head mounted display systems, there has been significant interest in the development of large-scale virtual environments such as video walls, immersive project displays, and similar devices. Although these devices do provide a wide-field visual display, very few of these devices are completely immersive as the user may view the visual world or they may be tethered to the real world via tracking systems. In this paper we present the motivation and design of IVY: The Immersive Visual environment currently under construction at Y ork University (IVY).

Date of publication: Mar - 2002
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