User Interface Façades: Towards Fully Adaptable User Interfaces

User Interface Façades: Towards Fully Adaptable User Interfaces Inproceedings

Wolfgang Stuerzlinger, Olivier Chapuis, Dustin Phillips, Nicolas Roussel


User interfaces are becoming more and more complex. Adaptable and adaptive interfaces have been proposed to address this issue and previous studies have shown that users prefer interfaces that they can adapt to self-adjusting ones. However, most existing systems provide users with little support for adapting their interfaces. Interface customization techniques are still very primitive and usually constricted to particular applications. In this paper, we present User Interface Façades, a system that provides users with simple ways to adapt, reconfigure, and re-combine existing graphical interfaces, through the use of direct manipulation techniques. The paper describes the user's view of the system, provides some technical details, and presents several examples to illustrate its potential.

Date of publication: Oct - 2006
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